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FDA vaccine advisers ‘disappointed’ and ‘angry’ that early data about new Covid-19 booster shot wasn’t presented for review last year (01.11.2023)

Many patients with weak immune systems don’t realize their Covid-19 medicine isn’t as effective as it used to be (11.14.2022)

Pfizer, Moderna seek authorization for updated Covid-19 boosters for younger children (09.26.2022)

Covid-19 death toll is a tragedy and ‘massive global failure at multiple levels,’ Lancet commission says (09.14.2022)

End of Covid-19 pandemic is in sight, WHO director-general says, ‘so let’s seize this opportunity’ (09.14.2022)

FDA authorizes Pfizer and Moderna’s updated Covid-19 boosters (08.31.2022)

Pfizer CEO Albert Bourla tests positive for Covid-19 and is experiencing ‘very mild symptoms’ (08.15.2022)

Updated Covid-19 booster shots could be available in September (07.29.2022)

FDA allows licensed pharmacists to prescribe Pfizer’s Paxlovid under certain conditions (07.06.2022)

The US is in a ‘transition phase’ of pandemic, Fauci says (04.27.2022)

US likely to see a surge of Covid-19 in the fall, Fauci says (04.07.2022)

FDA doubles dosage of Covid-19 monoclonal antibody, raising concerns about access and supply (02.27.2022)

More than 50 million households received free government Covid-19 tests (02.16.2022)

Moderna’s Covid-19 vaccine receives full FDA approval (01.31.2022)

FDA warns against using throat swabs for home Covid-19 tests (01.07.2022)

Former Biden health advisers say the US needs to change its Covid-19 strategy to face a ‘new normal’ (01.06.2022)

Cruises should be avoided regardless of vaccination status, CDC says (12.30.2021)

Travel bans are an ‘illusion of protection’ like ‘locking a screen door,’ CNN medical analyst says (11.30.2021)

WHO urges countries to consider the benefits of vaccinating children against Covid-19, but prioritize sharing shots globally first (11.24.2021)

More than 2 million Ellume Covid-19 home tests recalled due to false positives (11.11.2021)

CDC director says agency will follow the data and update booster guidance as it emerges (10.22.2021)

More people are getting Covid-19 vaccine boosters than getting their first shots, CDC data shows (10.08.2021)

US surpasses 700,000 Covid-19 deaths (10.02.2021)

Pfizer submits data on Covid-19 vaccine for kids ages 5 to 11 to FDA, not seeking EUA yet (09.28.2021)

Child Covid-19 cases have ‘steadily increased’ since the beginning of July, AAP says, with 121,000 new cases last week (08.17.2021)

Covid-19 hospitalizations are surging again, but they’re different this time (08.16.2021)

Moderna’s Covid-19 vaccine shows 93% efficacy through 6 months, as company expects to finish application for approval this month (08.05.2021)

If you’re not protected against Covid-19, the virus ‘will find you, it will infect you,’ expert says (08.05.2021)

WHO calls for a moratorium on booster shots until at least the end of September (08.04.2021)

Biden administration purchases extra Pfizer doses to prepare for possibility of children vaccine needs and booster shots (07.23.2021)

American Academy of Pediatrics recommends masks in schools for everyone over 2, regardless of vaccinations (07.22.2021)

US State Department joins CDC in raising UK travel advisory (07.19.2021)

CDC lowers warning level for cruise travel (06.17.2021)

J&J says it’s working to extend the shelf-life of it’s Covid-19 vaccine so doses don’t expire (06.09.2021)

Average daily pace of newly administered Covid-19 vaccines falls below 1 million, CDC data shows (06.04.2021)

Some people still need to mask up even if vaccinated. Are you one of them? (05.16.2021)

CDC chief on mask wearing: Unvaccinated people need to be honest with themselves (05.16.2021)

Pfizer to seek authorization for Covid-19 vaccine from children ages 2 to 11 in September (05.04.2021)

Quarter of Americans fully vaccinated against coronavirus, CDC says (04.18.2021)

Fauci predicts J&J vaccine to com back to market with restrictions or warnings by Friday (04.18.2021)

CDC studies find racial and ethnic disparities in Covid-19 hospitalizations, ER visits (04.12.2021)

“Staggering” number of children have lost at least one parent to Covid-19, model estimates (04.05.2021)

Conceivable that unvaccinated children could go to camp or playgrounds this summer, Fauci says (03.28.2021)

If you’ve gained weight during the pandemic, you’re not alone. Here’s what to do about it (03.25.2021)

White House coronavirus task force coordinator won’t say how soon Americans should expect to be vaccinated (03.07.2021)

Covid-19 testing numbers dropped in the US — here’s why testing still matters (03.05.2021)

The first Biden-era vaccine against Covid-19 is moving toward market, but new bumps could trip up the big launch (02.17.2021)

Dr. Fauci shifts the timeline on when the general public will be able to get a vaccine (02.17.2021)

CDC director says ‘we have work to do’ when it comes to reopening schools safely (02.14.2021)

Rheumatoid arthritis drug reduces risk of death for severely ill hospitalized Covid-19 patients, researchers say (02.11.2021)

More than 80% of Alabama’s Black population lived in a county where life expectancy didn’t meet vaccine eligibility, CNN analysis shows (02.10.2021)

Americans’ perceived risk of Covid-19is lower than any time since October, poll finds (02.10.2021)

South Africa pauses AstraZeneca vaccine rollout after study shows it offers less protection against variant (02.08.2021)

Here’s why we can have some hope about the Covid pandemic (01.13.2021)

Members of the public mistakenly allowed to sign up for Covid-19 vaccination appointments in Kentucky (01.11.2021)

Feds ‘overpromised and underdelivered’ on coronavirus vaccines, state health officials say (01.07.2021)

Novavax coronavirus vaccine becomes fifth to begin Phase 3 trials in United States (12.29.2020)

White House vaccine chief explains why states haven’t received number of vaccines promised (12.20.2020)

US has to overcome Covid-19 denial and pull together, Fauci says (12.08.2020)

Black, Hispanic and Native American workers and their families face greater coronavirus exposure risks, report finds (12.03.2020)

CDC says 14-day Covid-19 quarantine can be shortened to 7 to 10 days (12.02.2020)

Don’t expect full sports stadiums until at least the end of the summer, Dr. Fauci says (12.02.2020)

‘Fake news’ about a Covid-19 vaccine has become a second pandemic, Red Cross chief says (12.01.2020)

Top health officials agree Americans who traveled for Thanksgiving should get tested. But this is where they differ (11.29.2020)

61% of Americans changed their Thanksgiving plans due to Covid-19 spikes, new poll finds (11.24.2020)

Minneapolis doctor tips away tears in describing Covid-19’s toll on hospital workers (11.24.2020)

White House vaccine chief says first Americans could be vaccinated next month (11.22.2020)

Fauci: ‘It would be better’ if government health officials could start working with incoming Biden-Harris administration (11.15.2020)

El Paso to get fourth mobile morgue as it opens civic center as overflow medical facility (11.02.2020)

People who have Covid-19 or who have been exposed can vote in person, CDC says (11.02.2020)

A ‘second wave’ of mental health devastation due to Covid-19 is imminent, experts say (10.12.2020)

US sees 20% more deaths than expected this year, most due to Covid-19, research finds (10.12.2020)

More people are remembering to wash their hands, research finds (10.08.2020)

Loss of smell could be a ‘highly reliable indicator’ of Covid-19, research says (10.01.2020)

CDC abruptly removes guidance about airborne coronavirus transmission, says update ‘was posted in error’(09.22.2020)

In nursing homes and assisted living communities, minorities suffer most from Covid-19, research says (09.21.2020)

Updated CDC guidance acknowledges coronavirus can spread through the air (09.20.2020)

Federal government details plans to distribute free Covid-19 vaccines (09.16.2020)

Stay-at-home orders tied to drop in Covid-19 spread (09.08.2020)

9 vaccine makers sign safety pledge in race for Covid-19 vaccine (09.08.2020)

It is highly unlikely that food is a source of Covid-19 contamination, experts say (09.07.2020)

New White House coronavirus adviser says he’s a ‘straight shooter’ (09.04.2020)

Russia’s Covid-19 vaccine generated an immune response, study says (09.04.2020)

Common steroids reduce deaths among critically ill Covid-19 patients, new analysis confirms (09.02.2020)

36 states report a total of 8,700 Covid-19 cases at colleges and universities; country nears 6 million (08.30.2020)

Covid-19 has disproportionately impacted those living with developmental disabilities (08.28.2020)

Twitter hits Trump for ‘misleading health claims’ that could dissuade people from voting (08.23.2020)

Getting vaccinated for the flu this year is particularly important, WHO officials say (08.18.2020)

Study finds racial and ethnic disparities in Covid-19 hospitalizations (08.17.2020)

Over 900 health care workers have died from coronavirus. A new database tells their stories (08.12.2020)

Reopening schools and virtual learning: Experts offer valuable insight (08.11.2020)

Coronavirus stresses Americans more than others, study finds (08.06.2020)

Jails can spread coronavirus to nearby communities, study finds (08.04.2020)

Bill Gates says other nations had better coronavirus responses than US (07.30.2020)

Covid-19 mask safety: Two or three layers best to protect against virus, study finds (07.24.2020)

US government and Pfizer reach $1.95 billion deal to produce millions of Covid-19 vaccine doses (07.22.2020)

Oxford’s Covid-19 vaccine appears safe and induces immune response, early results suggest, but more research is needed (07.21.2020)

Quick testing is needed for coronavirus contact tracing to be most effective, research finds (07.16.2020)

1 in 3 young adults vulnerable to severe Covid-19 — and smoking plays a big part, research finds (07.13.2020)

CDC director says no revised school guidelines despite Trump’s push (07.09.2020)

Regeneron starts Phase 3 trial of Covid antibody drug that might treat and prevent infection, company says (07.07.2020)

Some public health officials are resigning amid threats during the Covid-19 pandemic (06.23.2020)

People under 20 half as likely to catch Covid-19, study finds (06.16.2020)

Red Cross to being testing donor blood for Covid-19 antibodies (06.15.2020)

Live Update Coverage 


January 19

Growth in global Covid-19 cases slows compared with previous week, WHO says 

January 12

CDC forecast predicts more than 62,000 Covid-19 deaths in the US in the next four weeks 

January 10

Omicron-specific Pfizer vaccine will be ready by March, CEO says 

January 7

FDA shortens interval for Moderna’s Covid-19 booster dose to 5 months 

CDC did not “pivot” isolation recommendations, but provided guidance for how to use tests, head says 


December 29

CDC made the decisions to shorten isolation “without the data to actually support this change,” expert says 

CDC director explains why agency is not recommending rapid tests after 5 days of isolation

CDC director: If you have Covid-19 symptoms and a negative rapid test, get a PCR test

December 22

Prior behavior more important for safety of holiday gatherings than journey there, Walensky says 

CDC forecast predicts US Covid-19 deaths to have a stable or uncertain trend over the next 4 weeks

December 21

Fauci: If you’re vaccinated and booster, the likelihood of getting seriously ill “is very, very low”

December 20

US official: there will be “stark difference” between vaccinated and unvaccinated people’s Omicron experience

December 15

CDC forecast says new Covid-19 deaths are likely to increase over the next 4 weeks

NIH data on vaccine efficacy against Omicron expected Wednesday, Fauci says 

December 14

“Omicron is spreading at a rate we have not seen with any previous variant,” WHO chief says 

December 1

Omicron cases have been mild and in younger patients, South African doctor says 

November 30

Former health official agrees with Biden’s Omicron message: be concerned, but don’t panic

November 29

We don’t yet know if Omicron will outcompete the Delta variant in the US, Collins says

CDC is on top of looking for Omicron cases in the US, Fauci says 

Omicron variant is another reason why people should get vaccinated and boosted, NIH director says 

Pfizer CEO thinks Covid-19 vaccine will work against Omicron variant, but could offer less protection

November 4

US surgeon general says parents must guard against misinformation around Covid-19 vaccine for children 

November 3

Covid-19 vaccine for younger children is a cause for parents to celebrate, CDC director says 

US will hit the ground running with vaccinations for kids, Fauci says 

November 2

Pfizer expect initial data of its Covid-19 kids’ vaccine at the end of the year 

October 22

What’s the best booster shot to get? Here’s what Fauci says 

Fauci confident that age groups eligible for boosters will be lowered over the next weeks to months

CDC director says agency will follow the data and update booster guidance as it emerges 

September 22

CDC forecast predicts US Covid-19 hospitalizations will decrease over next 4 weeks 

September 20

Pfizer’s Covid-19 vaccine for children could be available by end of October, official says 

August 23

Covid-19 hospitalizations in unvaccinated cost US health system $2.3 billion in June and July, analysis shows 

August 18

Booster shots are like giving extra life jackets to people who already have them, WHO official says 

WHO recommends world’s most vulnerable get fully vaccinated before booster shots are offered elsewhere

August 12

Fauci says it’s likely everybody could need a booster at some point

August 11

Global Covid-19 cases could surpass 300 million in early 2022, WHO director-general says 

Thousands of lives would have been saved if US acted differently early in the pandemic, whistleblower says

CDC ensemble forecast projects increase in Covid-19 deaths and hospitalizations over the next month

August 10

Fauci says Covid-19 vaccines should be mandated for teachers 

August 7

Covid-19 “pushed the limits of health systems” and left “no country untouched,” WHO chief says

August 5

Moderna expects to complete submission for FDA full approval this month 

There could be another variant worse than Delta if Covid-19 continues to spread, Fauci says

August 4

CDC ensemble forecasts project new Covid-19 deaths likely to increase over the next 4 weeks

Trump getting vaccinated on television could have helped, former Covid-19 testing czar says

Global number of Covid-19 cases will exceed 200 million cases next week, WHO says

August 3

NIH director: CDC mask recommendations meant to keep vaccinated from getting sick and infecting others 

Fully vaccinated people should get Covid-19 tests if they have mild symptoms, health official says

US can reach a point where Covid-19 is just a nuisance, NIH director says 

August 2

FDA will work towards full vaccine approval “as rapidly as possible,” official says 

The best way to protect children is to get more eligible people vaccinated, NIH director says

There currently isn’t evidence that the US needs to proceed with Covid-19 booster shots, NIH director says

July 28

CDC ensemble forecasts project Covid cases, hospitalizations and deaths will increase over the next 4 weeks 

US isn’t doing a good job of measuring how much spread is underway, former FDA head says

When will the FDA give full approval of Covid-19 vaccines?

New mask guidance may provide “very little bang for our buck” to reduce transmission, former FDA head says

Health passes for fully vaccinated may be “a path forward,” CDC director says

CDC mask guidance change was prompted by new science, director says 

Masking is the safest way to have US children back in schools, CDC director says 

CDC can urge Covid-19 vaccinations in schools, but can’t mandate them, director says

July 21

CDC ensemble forecasts project Covid-19 deaths and hospitalizations likely to increase over the next 4 weeks

CDC vaccine advisor fears widespread spread of coronavirus in schools 

Global number of Covid-19 cases could exceed 200 million in the next 3 weeks, WHO says

Breakthrough infections were always going to happen – they just caught people by surprise, expert says 

July 19

CDC raises Covid-19 risk assessment for UK to highest level 

Personal decisions about air travel are a relative risk evaluation, Fauci says 

June 15

Nearly a quarter of Covid-19 patients have a post-Covid condition, study finds 

July 12

Fauci calls the Delta variant “a real bad actor virus”

June 18

The Delta variant is on its way to becoming globally dominant, WHO chief scientist says 

June 17

Fauci on the Delta variant: “I’m not concerned about the people who are vaccinated”

CDC lowers travel warning for cruise ships and still recommends avoiding them if not fully vaccinated

June 15

You should “strongly consider” getting vaccinated because of Delta variant, former White House adviser says 

June 9

FDA looking at extending J&J vaccine expiration dates, Fauci says 

J&J CEO confident Emergent Biosolutions will be authorized to produce their Covid-19 vaccine soon 

J&J says it’s working to extend the shelf-life of its Covid-19 vaccine

June 8

Around half of Americans support requiring proof of vaccination to return to work, poll finds 

CDC study shows how vaccination coverage reduces Covid-19 cases, severe illness and death 

June 6

Origins of Covid-19 need to be investigated in a broader way, former FDA commissioner says

More than 300,000 Covid-19 vaccine doses administered in the US, CDC data shows 

June 4

New increases in teen hospitalization rates reinforce importance of Covid-19 vaccination, CDC study says

June 3

CDC director says she expects US to reach Biden’s July 4 Covid-19 vaccine goal 

CDC revisits mask guidance in schools, says changes may come by fall 

Fauci says there’s risk of considerable Covid-19 outbreaks on cruise ships if people are unvaccinated

“The prognosis is good” for Covid-19 in US, Fauci says 

June 2

WHO says epidemiological studies required to investigate origins of Covid-19 

CDC forecasts predict Covid-19 cases, hospitalizations and deaths will continue to decrease

May 27

Current wisdom suggests that Covid-19 vaccine boosters will be needed at some point, FDA official says 

May 26

Current approach to preventing Covid-19 at the Olympics is “dangerous,” US expert says 

May 25

Americans don’t trust people outside their close circle to be honest about vaccination status, poll finds 

Fewer than half of Americans are now social distancing, poll finds 

May 24

First participants get shots in trial of Pfizer’s Covid-19 vaccine booster

May 21

J&J will supply up to 200 million doses of its single-shot Covid-19 vaccine to COVAX by end of 2021

More than 3 million excess deaths in 2020 could be attributable to Covid-19, WHO report says 

Pfizer/BioNTech pledge 2 billion vaccine doses to lower and middle-income countries over next 18 months

May 19

People are misinterpreting the updated US CDC mask guidance, Fauci says 

CDC forecast predicts Covid-19 cases, hospitalizations and deaths will continue to drop 

May 18

It’s reasonable for US businesses to keep mask mandates in some cases, Fauci says 

May 17

New US CDC mask guidance was “a little bit of whiplash” for the public, former US surgeon general says 

Sanofi and GlaxoSmithKline report positive results from Phase 2 vaccine trial

May 13

“If you’re vaccinated and you’re outside, put aside your mask,” Fauci says 

May 12

CDC ensemble forecasts predict decrease in Covid-19 cases and deaths over next 4 weeks 

May 11

Americans are going out more and wearing masks less, poll finds

Majority of Americans support showing proof of vaccination in certain situations, poll finds

May 7

WHO authorizes China’s Sinopharm Covid-19 vaccine for emergency use 

May 5

CDC ensemble forecast projects decrease in newly reported deaths over the next four weeks 

World has a shot at controlling Covid-19 –if it comes together, WHO official says 

Authorizing Covid-19 vaccines for 12-t0-15-year-olds will be key for the fall, US NIH director says 

CDC summer camp Covid-19 guidance looks “a bit strict,” but will likely be reevaluated, Fauci says 

Kids ages 12 to 15 could be getting vaccinated in less than two weeks, CDC director says 

May 4

Pfizer expects to file for Full FDA approval of Covid-19 vaccine for people 16 and older by this month 

May 3

US may not get to zero cases, but “we can probably live with that,” expert says 

Pfizer is discussing expedited approval for Covid-19 vaccine with Indian government, CEO says 

More global Covid-19 cases reported in last 2 weeks than first 6 months of the pandemic, WHO says 

May 2

Getting vaccinated is patriotic duty, Reiner says 

Former FDA commissioner: Restricting travel from India could serve a purpose, but it needs to be clear 

April 29

CDC’s ensemble forecast now projects up to 595,000 US Covid-19 deaths by May 22

April 28

US send supplies and aid to India to help with “horrifying” Covid-19 situation

It’s the responsibility of rich countries to help other countries struggling with Covid-19, Fauci says 

Fauci hopes Covid-19 vaccines will receive Full FDA approval “very soon”

April 26

WHO: Global Covid-19 cases rise for ninth consecutive week 

April 23

Moderna working to have Covid-19 vaccine booster available by late summer or early fall, CEO says 

FDA is “prepared to move as quickly as we possibly can” on J&J vaccine, advisory committee head says 

April 19

Global Covid-19 cases increase for eighth week in a row, WHO chief says 

April 18

Half of all US adults have had at least one Covid-19 vaccine shot, according to CDC data 

Fauci expects a decision on Johnson & Johnson Covid-19 vaccine by Friday 

Fauci expects almost all children to be eligible for Covid-19 vaccines by first quarter 2022 at the latest 

April 15

Global health agency calls on Brazilian authorities to acknowledge severity of pandemic 

April 14

Dr Fauci says Johnson & Johnson vaccine pause “isn’t a cancellation”

April 13

A doctor’s advice for those who have gotten the Johnson & Johnson vaccine: “You’re likely going to be okay”

April 12

Global Covid-19 cases increase for the 7th consecutive week, WHO chief says 

Diabetes drug did not help hospitalized Covid-19 patients, AstraZeneca says 

US racial and ethnic minority groups hospitalized more for Covid-19, study shows 

April 11

Covid-19 vaccine supply could outstrip demand as soon as 3 weeks from now, Gottlieb warns

April 9

US Covid-19 cases and hospitalizations are up, but deaths are down, CDC director says 

WHO: Risks from Covid-19 much higher than AstraZeneca vaccine related risks 

April 7

Fauci expects some local businesses and institutions will implement vaccine requirements

April 6

Team sports bigger driver of Covid-19 spread in the US than classrooms, Fauci says 

Fauci hopes people who go on cruises get vaccinated against Covid-19

“I hope we don’t see any deleterious consequences” of Texas Rangers’ 100% capacity home opener, Fauci says

55% of Americans reported seeing family or friends in the last week, poll finds 

Half of parents say they’re likely to get their children vaccinated against Covid-19, poll finds 

Global Covid-19 cases rise for sixth consecutive week, WHO says

April 5

Nearly 40,000 children in the US have lost a parent to Covid-19, new model estimates 

Fauci doubts US government will be behind vaccine passports

April 4

“We’re just at the beginning of this surge” in the US, infectious disease expert says 

April 1

Dr. Fauci says Pfizer’s new Covid-19 vaccine data is “really very encouraging”

Fauci calls loss of 15 million potential Johnson & Johnson vaccine doses “really quite unfortunate”

March 31

Pfizer trial data likely a “green light” to vaccinate kids aged 12 to 15 in the US, expert says

More than 12,000 cases of variants have been reported in the US. These 3 states have the most.

Michigan governor says “high proportion” of Covid-19 variants contributing to state’s growing case numbers 

March 30

CDC director explains her emotional warning of “impending doom” about Covid-19’s spread in US

March 23

Fauci says “unforced error” on AstraZeneca data could create doubt about Covid-19 vaccine

As more people are vaccinated against Covid-19, Americans are going out more, poll finds 

March 22

Global Covid-19 cases increase for fifth consecutive week, WHO official says

AstraZeneca plans to apply for emergency use authorization for Covid-19 vaccine in first half of April

March 17

NIH director says it seems unlikely AstraZeneca Covid-19 vaccine causes clots 

WHO advisory group recommends Johnson & Johnson vaccine for all adults age 18 and older 

Global Covid-19 cases are rising, but deaths are declining, WHO says 

March 12

Fauci says her is “very much” concerned about a possible mental health pandemic 

March 11

A year ago, Fauci said the pandemic would get worse. He didn’t realize it would be this deadly.

Pfizer CEO urges people to get whatever vaccine is offered first 

March 10

There are two promising ways of boosting Covid-19 vaccines against variants, Fauci says

If schools aren’t open, other places shouldn’t be, CDC director says

CDC director explains when they could amend travel guidance for fully vaccinated people 

March 9

More Americans think that there will be a return to normal within the next 6 months, poll finds 

CDC guidelines for vaccinated people are a “huge emotional release,” former acting director says

Cases of Covid-19 in children decline for the seventh consecutive week

March 2

More Americans are feeling hopeful about the pandemic, poll finds 

Nearly 70% of Americans want to get a Covid-19 vaccine as soon as they can or already have, poll shows 

March 1

Johnson & Johnson working on booster for coronavirus variants, CEO says 

February 26

Countries making deals with vaccine manufacturers undermines COVAX, WHO director says 

February 25

Moderna completed enrollment for Phase 2/3 trial for Covid-19 vaccine in adolescents 

About 68 million Covid-9 vaccine doses have been administered in the US 

February 24

NIH launches new initiative to study long-term effects of Covid-19 

National Institutes of Health announces an initiative to study “long Covid” 

February 23

Fauci says CDC guidance for fully vaccinated people could come soon

It is possible one dose of coronavirus vaccine might be enough for some, NIH director says 

Johnson & Johnson vaccine doses will be “backloaded,” with more doses coming later, Fauci says 

February 22

US has “done worse than most any other country” on Covid-19 response, Fauci says 

Fauci explains comments about wearing masks into 2022

February 18

WHO will launch a new declaration on vaccine equity 

Workers use PPE if employers give it to them, CDC study finds 

February 17

Increased US vaccine supply will end state-to-state discrepancies in who can get a shot, Fauci says 

February 16

Fauci says timeline for mass vaccinations could shift “maybe into mid-to-late May and early June”

White House Covid-19 adviser says drop in US cases could be “misleading” in face of variants 

February 15

WHO gives emergency use listing to AstraZeneca/Oxford Covid-19 vaccine 

February 14

Everyone who wants a Covid-19 vaccine will be able to get one by the end of summer, CDC director says

High-risk teachers should have options for virtual learning, CDC director says

It is “absolutely” too early to be getting rid of mask mandates, CDC director says

Fauci hopes New CDC school guidance will help alleviate teachers’ concerns

Covid-19 vaccine is better at protecting against reinfection than a previous natural infection, Fauci says

“Mask breaching” is among the reasons behind Covid-19 transmission in schools, CDC director says 

Nearly 53 million Covid-19 vaccine doses administered in the US, according to CDC data 

February 12

Americans could be wearing masks for ‘several months,’ Fauci says 

February 11

The safest way to celebrate Mardi Gras is virtually, CDC says 

Wear at least one mask, but double masking helps get a tighter fit, says Fauci 

Majority of Americans could be vaccinated by the middle or end of summer, says Fauci 

February 10

71% of Americans are now willing to get Covid-19 vaccines, Gallup poll finds 

WHO recommends AstraZeneca vaccine for adults over 18 an in countries where new variants are circulating

February 9

Americans’ perceived risk from the pandemic is lower than any time since October, poll finds 

February 8

South Africa to reassess impact of Oxford/AstraZeneca vaccine on hospitalizations 

February 4

Fauci hopes Covid-19 vaccinations for older children can start in late spring or summer

People who previously had coronavirus should still get 2 vaccine doses, Fauci says 

February 3

Covid-19 vaccination can be accelerated without delaying the second dose, Fauci says 

Now is “absolutely not” the time to be having Super Bowl parties, Fauci says 

US isn’t vaccinating at a fast enough pace to keep ahead of new variants, Fauci says 

AstraZeneca vaccine data is good news and it signals another vaccine is in the mix, Fauci says 

Fauci suggests Johnson & Johnson vaccine could get emergency use authorization in next two weeks

February 1

Moderna says no data on how much protection a single Covid-19 vaccine dose provides

January 31

CDC: More than 31 million Covid-19 vaccine doses have been administered in the US 

The safest way to watch the Super Bowl is at home with people you live with, New CDC guidance says 

January 29

CDC is currently conducting research to determine if two masks are better than one 

January 27

Millions of Americans at increased risk for more severe Covid-19 because of tobacco use

January 26

Johnson & Johnson plans to report out Covid-19 vaccine trial results by early next week 

January 25

Double masking is likely more effective to stop spread of Covid-19, Fauci says

Dr. Fauci says mixed messaging about coronavirus “really cost us dearly”

Fauci says reinstating travel restrictions is a “prudent decision”

January 24

Biden’s surgeon general nominee says 100 million vaccine doses goal is a floor, not a ceiling

Biden’s 100 million vaccines goal is not deliberately setting expectations low, Fauci says 

Biden’s HHS secretary nominee on long vaccine lines: “That is not America at it’s best” 

Changing the course of the pandemic won’t happen overnight, HHS secretary nominee says 

January 22

Fauci says it probably won’t make a difference if second vaccine doses are delayed by a couple weeks 

US can do better than Biden’s goal of 100 million vaccines in 100 days, says Fauci 

“We got to go into the trenches” to figure out what’s wrong with the vaccine rollout, says Fauci 

January 21

New CDC director doesn’t think Covid-19 vaccine will be in every US pharmacy by February 

January 20

‘Long Covid’ is a real and pressing concern, warns US National Institutes of Health director 

January 19

Azar says HHS has met hundreds of times with Biden’s team 

Don’t expect travel restrictions to be lifted – expect them to be tightened, incoming CDC head says 

US should stay focused on preventing Covid-19 cases, not changing travel restrictions, Biden adviser says 

Biden adviser says variants could turn the pandemic into a situation “unlike anything we’ve seen yet”

January 18

“Stick with full dose, followed by full dose,” Fauci says of Covid-19 vaccines

January 13

Reasons to be cheerful: Vaccines expert explains why he thinks US can stop spread of virus by June

January 12

US Health secretary admits vaccine administration in states has been “too narrowly focused”

January 11

BioNTech CEO cannot yet get the vaccine he helped develop

January 8

Pfizer vaccine doses can be spaced out up to 6 weeks apart, WHO advisers say

January 7

US vaccine rollout needs time to catch up to distribution goals, Fauci says 

January 3

Fauci hopes US will pick up coronavirus vaccine momentum

“There’s no running away” from the Covid-19 numbers, Fauci says 

Dr. Fauci contradicts Trump’s tweet on coronavirus deaths, saying “the deaths are real deaths”

Not taking precautions against Covid-19 can impact everyone “in so many other ways,” US surgeon general says 

“We have the tools, regardless of the strain, to be able to defeat this virus,” says US Surgeon General 


December 31

Fauci says spreading out first doses of Covid-19 vaccine to more people “under consideration”

Fauci disappointed that 20 million people in the US weren’t vaccinated by today, the end of the year

December 30

Lag in US Covid-19 vaccinations shows Trump administration’s “failure to plan,” Biden coronavirus adviser says 

December 29

Fauci says children should be in school wherever possible 

Coronavirus pandemic in the US could be even worse in January, Fauci says 

To better control coronavirus, Fauci encourages everyone to wear masks in Biden’s first 100 days 

December 28

Novavax announces start of Phase 3 Covid-19 vaccine trial in the US and Mexico 

2 million administered vaccine doses reported by CDC “probably an underestimate,” top US health official says 

December 27

World Health Organization designated today as first International Day of Epidemic Preparedness

Health official on possible post-holiday Covid-19 surge: “We really have to wait and see”

20 million vaccinations by the end of the year is “probably unrealistic at this point,” former FDA head says 

“We’re very concerned” about possible post-holiday surge, US Surgeon General says

Move to put some form of restriction on travel is “prudent,” Fauci says 

December 24

“Every dose that these hospitals and clinics have is going into people’s arms,” Nebraska doctor says 

The safest way to celebrate New Year’s Eve is with your household or virtually, CDC says

December 23

NIH director says he’s concerned about what’s missed by US coronavirus surveillance

Data on new Covid-19 variant and its transmissibility in children “still very early,” NIH director says 

“We need to be limiting our mobility, period,” incoming CDC director says 

NIH director says he’s “feeling great” after receiving Covid-19 vaccine

December 22

Masks help, but without social distancing they may not be enough to prevent virus spread, study says 

UK scientists say new Covid-19 strain likely more transmissible and may impact children more than other variants

December 21

Viruses mutate often, and research is underway to determine what new UK variant means, WHO official says 

US Health Secretary says he looks forward to receiving Moderna vaccine in coming days 

The first wave of Moderna vaccines will go to more sites than the Pfizer vaccine 

December 16

2 million Pfizer doses and 5.9 million Moderna doses allocated for next week, US health secretary says 

20 million doses of Moderna vaccine will be delivered by end of month, Operation Warp Speed official says 

“Vaccine confidence is surging,” US health secretary says

December 15

Here’s Fauci’s message to people concerned about vaccine safety when it was developed so quickly 

December 14

Discussions about when Biden will take the vaccine are happening now, Fauci says

December 13

FDA commissioner says “we’ll be hearing very soon” from CDC director on the Covid-19 vaccine 

Covid-19 vaccine is being studied in children now, FDA chief says 

FDA chief says it’s his “greatest hope” that Covid-19 vaccinations start in the US on Monday

December 10

Today’s FDA vaccine committee meeting is “an important step in the process,” Hahn says in statement

“It’s a really important day for all of America,” FDA commissioner says 

FDA’s initial assessment of Pfizer’s vaccine is that it meets criteria, commissioner says 

December 9

Fauci: “I think everybody uniformly needs to admit that we have a real problem” 

FDA will look at data on allergic reactions to Covid-19 vaccine, US health secretary says

Vaccines will begin moving within 24 hours of authorization, distribution official says 

Over half of Americans say they would get a first-generation Covid-19 vaccine, new poll finds 

December 8

White House vaccine czar: “We will be getting vaccine to the people who need them as soon as possible”

Operation Warp Speed knows “exactly” where states want Pfizer vaccine to be distributed, general says 

People need to take the 2 doses of Pfizer vaccine “to feel confident that they’re protected at 95%,” CEO says 

Messaging on Covid-19 needs to be uniform “from the top right down,” Fauci says

December 7

This surge is different because “it’s really about health care capacity,” Surgeon General says 

Christmas “could be even more of a challenge” than Thanksgiving, Fauci says

US Surgeon General: “we need you to hang on just a little bit longer because we’ve got vaccines coming”

Fauci says coronavirus test positivity in schools is really low

The pandemic is bad now, but “the middle of January could be a really dark time for us,” Fauci says

December 6

Scientific advisor hopes for a significant decrease in mortality in the elderly by end of January 

Operation Warp Speed official praises Biden’s plan for Americans to mask up for 100 days

December 3

The holiday season is coming, and the CDC wants Americans to postpone travel and stay home 

December 2

CDC urges Americans to postpone travel and stay home ahead of winter holidays 

CDC: The best way to protect yourself and others is to postpone holiday travel 

December 1

Former CDC director cautions that Covid-19 vaccination program may have “bumps in the road”

Moderna’s president is optimistic FDA will be supportive of their Covid-19 vaccine candidate

November 29

It’s “not too late at all for us to do something about” the pandemic, Fauci says

There should be enough vaccines for 20 million Americans by the end of year, Giroir says

Fauci says Americans should have confidence in the Covid-19 vaccine distribution plans

Birx says she hopes to be briefing the Biden team on Monday

White House testing czar says he’s confident the administration’s vaccine distribution plan will work 

Fauci expresses concern about US health systems as the pandemic persists

November 27

Trump says Covid-19 vaccine will start being delivered “in the next week and the week after”

Targeted Covid-19 vaccination may be needed, WHO official says 

More information is needed about different AstraZeneca vaccine dosing regimens, WHO officials say

November 25

Fauci says he’s worried about what US Covid-19 case numbers will look like 3 weeks after Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving is tomorrow. Here’s Dr. Fauci’s final message to Americans.

Younger children will join coronavirus vaccine trials, FDA official says 

November 24

51% of Americans say they are likely to take a first-generation Covid-19 vaccine, new poll finds 

November 23

Fauci says some people are experiencing “effects that we’re concerned about” after recovering from Covid-19

“Many Americans could take one simple step to protect themselves: Buy a better mask,” former FDA commissioner says 

“When they tell me I can get a vaccine, I will get it,” US Surgeon General says 

November 22

White House vaccine czar says political pressure had nothing to do with Operation Warp Speed timeline

Fauci: “We need to get as many people as possible vaccinated”

Fauci says he would have “no hesitation” to take a Covid-19 vaccine

Former FDA commissioner says he thinks Covid-19 vaccine will be given annually “until we learn more”

November 19

Delirium may be a primary symptom of Covid-19 in older adults, study finds 

November 18

Millions of children have missed routine vaccinations during the pandemic, insurance data shows 

November 17

More Americans see normal activities as risky, new poll finds 

More Americans are now willing to get a vaccine for Covid-19, polling finds 

WHO: Moderna vaccine results “quite encouraging,” but questions remain 

Fauci says it’s OK to celebrate vaccine news — but don’t let up on public health measures

“Try as best as possible to keep the schools open,” Fauci says 

Dr. Fauci says his Thanksgiving is “going to change significantly this year”

Vaccines won’t work unless enough people get them, Fauci says 

November 16

Countries letting coronavirus go unchecked are “playing with fire,” WHO director-general says 

“This is really a historic day,” Health secretary says after Moderna announces vaccine results 

US Health secretary says Moderna’s vaccine is “more flexible.” Here’s why.

November 15

Fauci says the nation could start getting back to relative normality by April or July 

November 13

US President-elect’s adviser says Biden won’t “shut the whole country down”

November 12

Biden adviser: US lockdown of four-to-six weeks could drive down Covid-19 numbers 

Fauci doubts Covid-19 will be eradicated but remains optimistic about vaccine 

Mental health-related ER visits suggest children and teens are at risk, CDC research finds 

November 9

Tens of millions at higher risk for Covid-19 were essential workers who couldn’t work from home — or lived with one 

November 8

Fauci says Covid-19 symptoms last “well beyond what you’d expect” from a viral syndrome

November 5

People who tested positive for Covid-19 were more likely to report going to a workplace, rather than teleworking, study says 

WHO says coronavirus can be beat — but prepare for the next pandemic now 

November 2

“It’s not too late” to suppress transmission of coronavirus, WHO director general says 

US CDC says its Covid-19 quarantine recommendations do not preclude people from voting 

October 27

Coronavirus cases are truly up and it’s not just because of more testing, Trump’s testing czar says

Giving up control of the virus is dangerous director general says 

October 21

More than 2.5 million years of life have been lost to the pandemic in the US, study says 

October 19

“The next 6 to 12 weeks are going to be the darkest of the entire pandemic,” expert says 

October 15

Fauci slams idea of herd immunity: Letting “things rip” without protection is “ridiculous”

October 5

Fauci says he doesn’t want to comment on Trump’s Sunday SUV ride 

Regeneron president says “not appropriate” to comment about when White House asked for experimental treatment

September 23

WHO calls for countries to act against misinformation during the Covid-19 pandemic 

September 22

People at any age with underlying conditions are in the risk group for serious disease, Fauci says

Fauci says aerosol transmission of Covid-19 “doesn’t change anything we’ve been saying”

September 21

Covid-19 Prevention Network to encourage Black people to participate in vaccine trials 

CDC reverts to previous language about how coronavirus is transmitted, saying it was “posted in error” 

Trump’s vaccine chief: We’ll know about vaccine efficacy between October and January 

“There’s an unmistakable spike in new infections,” former FDA commissioner says

September 18

Rising Covid-19 hospitalizations could overburden systems as countries enter flu season, WHO says

September 16

CDC director says Covid-19 vaccine for general public likely to be available in 2021

It will take 6 to 9 months to get the American public vaccinated, CDC director says

US health official denies he has been asked to test less

September 15

Some pediatricians refuse to treat kids if parents reject vaccines, study finds 

Bill Gates calls US response to Covid-19 “shocking” and “mismanaged”

Bill Gates says he thinks US will come around to funding Covid-19 vaccines for poor countries

WHO official says countries need to choose what’s important: Bars or schools?

September 13

Pfizer CEO says there is a “good chance” company will know if a vaccine works by the end of October

September 9

Covid-19 vaccine is a “critical” part of the solution to the pandemic, but not a magic bullet, expert says

Risk of getting Covid-19 in the hospital is low, study finds

September 8

Vaccine developers deemed it “critical” to reiterate their commitment to ethics, Pfizer CEO says

Coronavirus has disrupted care for other diseases globally, Fauci says

We should continue to encourage people to get the flu vaccine, Fauci says

College students should be isolated on campus, Fauci says

FDA head says he will use Twitter to highlight his agency’s vaccine work

September 4

US vaccine adviser says he would have joined global effort if it was his choice 

Covid-19 vaccine development has benefited from past experiences with viruses, Trump vaccine adviser says 

Trump’s vaccine chief says he would resign if there was undue interference in Covid-19 vaccine process

Fears about coronavirus’ impact on malaria haven’t been realized, WHO says

September 3

New prescriptions for hydroxychloroquine and chloroquine surged in March and April, research shows 

September 2

Covid-19 cases in US children have increased 17% over two weeks, report says 

Fauci calls for a full-court press on Covid-19 ahead of flu season 

NIH director “surprised” by uproar around convalescent plasma statement 

“It’s the worst thing you could do,” Fauci says of sending infected children home from college campuses 

“You don’t want to be someone who’s propagating the outbreak,” Fauci warns ahead of Labor Day weekend 

Fauci reiterates optimist for a coronavirus vaccine by the end of the year 

September 1

Fauci on his relationship with Trump: “We’re all on the same team” 

August 31

Cell phone location data could help predict Covid-19 trends, new research finds 

Emergency use authorization of a coronavirus vaccine should not be done lightly, WHO scientist says 

August 27

WHO recommends testing even more people for coronavirus 

August 26

Moderna says vaccine data shows it is well tolerated across all age groups 

August 25

Coronavirus disrupting polio vaccination efforts in Africa, WHO regional director says 

August 19

Doctors’ warning: Prepare now for how to deal with Covid-19 during hurricane season 

August 18

Study finds possible coronavirus spread on airplane 

Saliva tests are important, and the technique may work well for surveillance testing, official says 

Trump administration official says testing alone can’t take on the coronavirus 

US part of intense global collaboration on Covid-19, Fauci says 

August 17

The US has had the worst response to Covid-19 of any major country, expert says 

August 13

American Academy of Pediatrics releases new guidance on face coverings and testing for children 

Coronavirus Taskforce member says testing capacity and testing needs are 2 different things 

US needs to make sure it never again is “this underprepared for an emergency,” former CDC director says 

US is doing the “appropriate amount of testing” to reduce Covid-19 spread, HHS official says 

August 12

Rapid facility-wide testing in nursing homes can help control Covid-19’s transmission, study says 

August 11

Nursing home residents on dialysis treatments could be at greater risk for Covid-19, research finds 

Russia “certainly not ahead of us” when it comes to vaccines, former FDA head says 

US health secretary: “The point is to have a vaccine that is safe,” not be first 

Taiwan has used effective but strong measures to combat Covid-19, US health official says 

US Food and Drug Administration releases guidance for temporary production of hand sanitizer

Former FDA commissioner says he wouldn’t take Russian vaccine 

August 7

There are two big problems with contact tracing in the US, former government official says 

August 6

For contact tracing to work, it has to be communication properly to those who need it, organization says 

WHO director-general hopes the US will reconsider it’s withdrawal from the organization 

Covid-19 “pushed the limits of health systems” and left “no country untouched,” WHO chief says 

August 5

Summer camp outbreak may no be an example of what could happen when schools open, official says 

August 4

Governors from 6 states join to expand antigen testing to slow Covid-19 spread 

August 3

Covid-19 fatality ratio of 0.6% “may not sound like a lot, but it is quite high,” WHO expert says

Quick coronavirus test results are “very important,” WHO official says 

Covid-19 is having a “direct, negative impact” on health systems around the world, WHO official says 

“Everyone is feeling the fatigue of this pandemic, but we have a long way to go,” WHO official says 

WHO official to US residents: “Be part of this fight with us” 

August 2

Hydroxychloroquine is not recommended as a Covid-19 treatment, coronavirus testing czar says 

Mitigation measures are more important than contact tracing during outbreaks, Giroir says 

Birx says that reopening schools in areas with Covid-19 increases should be done cautiously 

July 31

NIH invests $248.7 million to fund technology that could improve Covid-19 testing 

July 30

Other countries beat the US in setting up strong models of Covid-19 response, Bill Gates says 

Young people are also at risk of severe disease from Covid-19, WHO officials say 

WHO releases policy brief on preventing and managing Covid-19 in long-term care facilities 

“The pandemic does not mean life has to stop,” WHO director-general says 

A disease like Covid-19 exploits all the vulnerabilities in health care systems, WHO official says 

WHO officials reflect on Covid-19 pandemic 6 months after public health emergency declared 

The NBA’s success shows how everyone needs more access to Covid-19 testing, Fauci says 

Today marks 6 months since Covid-19 was declared a public health emergency of international concern 

July 29

The US needs to reset its response to Covid-19, report says 

A vaccine that stops severe illness from Covid-19 would still be a success, expert says 

These 5 principles could stop coronavirus surges, Fauci says 

July 28

Operation Warp Speed accelerating every part of vaccine development, except safety and efficacy, adviser says 

Fauci says hydroxychloroquine is not effective in treating Covid-19 

“We just can’t afford” another Covid-19 surge, Fauci says 

July 27

Thursday will mark 6 months since Covid-19 was declared a public health emergency of international concern 

July 26

Each community should make a determination on reopening schools, US health official says 

Trust is very important in the vaccine process, former CDC director says 

Reopening schools is not “one size fits all,” coronavirus task force member says 

White House coronavirus task force member says that he won’t be happy until testing is under control 

The US government has invested in coronavirus contact tracing, health official says 

The US has enough tests to achieve testing goals, White House coronavirus task force member says 

July 25

Fauci says he has a good relationship with Trump and they had a “nice, long” talk recently 

Fauci says it’s not necessary to shut down the country, but some places can take a step back 

July 24

A vaccine could stop Covid-19 “dead in its tracks,” Fauci says 

July 23

Quarantine mandates can send coronavirus patients into hiding, WHO says

WHO is always ready to provide assistance to any of it’s member states, officials say

There is still “intense transmission” of Covid-19 in a relatively small group of countries, WHO says

July 22

Pfizer and US government reach $1.95 billion deal to produce millions of Covid-19 vaccine doses

US health secretary says Pfizer vaccine investment is “historic”

Vaccines sponsored by the US government will be free or affordable, health secretary says

Commercial scale vaccines for Covid-19 are already being made, HHS Secretary says

“We are going as quickly as we possibly can” on vaccine development, Fauci says

Fauci says there is “not a chance” he would walk away from the Covid-19 challenge

Fauci says he goes to the White House almost every day to meet with the coronavirus task force

Phase 3 trials will watch for possibility of vaccine induced enhancement of infection, Fauci says

July 21

More than 1 in 5 US homes don’t meet quarantine guidelines set by officials, research says

Covid-19 is “exacerbating and exploiting” pre-existing health conditions, US Surgeon General says

July 20

US Covid-19 surge being approached with “extreme seriousness,” White House task force member says

Getting retested for Covid-19 multiple times is completely unnecessary, US health official says

July 19

Masks being politicized is bizarre, NIH Director says

The average testing delay is too long, NIH Director says

US is on a good path when it comes to vaccines, NIH Director says

CDC adds cancer patients to its list of those at increased risk of severe illness from Covid-19

July 17

A combination of community measures are needed to keep Covid-19 under control, WHO official says

Fauci’s boss says idea of firing or demoting him is “unimaginable”

July 14

CDC Director says the American public is getting closer to accepting masks

Most US counties “are in a position to reopen their schools,” CDC head says

Point of care testing could help reduce the burden on testing labs, US health official says

Science, not politics, is the only valid reason for changing school guidelines, former CDC directors say

July 13

Some states we from shutdown to “complete throwing caution to the wind,” Fauci says

Protecting yourself is the best way to reopen the country, Fauci says

“There will be no return to the old normal for the foreseeable future,” WHO director-general says

Understanding of Covid-19 transmission still limited, WHO says

July 10

These are the key things to consider when reopening US schools, according to professional associations

July 9

The health effects of Covid-19 go far beyond the virus, WHO says

States bordering Covid-19 hotspots states are “quite vulnerable,” Fauci says

July 8

Coronavirus may have arrived in the US from China, but most of the spread was domestic, model suggests

July 7

South Korean nightclubs were source of at least 246 cases of Covid-19, research finds

July 6

Medical associations urge Americans to continue Covid-19 preventive measures

Covid-19 antibody drugs moves into phase 3 trials, 2,000 US patients expected to enroll

July 2

Facebook and Instagram to send users to CDC for Coronavirus information

July 1

CDC does not recommend universal testing for K-12 staff and students

June 30

Traveler from the US infects 71 people in China with Covid-19, research finds

June 29

CDC official calls spread of Covid-19 in US “discouraging”

New Hampshire testing program aims to identify symptomless carriers

Getting the flu vaccine this year is more important than ever, CDC official says

Classroom contact could lead to transmission of Covid-19, CDC research suggests

Americans must “act responsibly” by wearing masks, Health Secretary says

Here’s how much Covid-19 drug remdesivir will cost you

June 24

Health expert says its worse to keep schools closed than to open them safely

New report details how schools can be opened safely

Covid-19 is as hard to fight as a leaky bucket is to fix, expert says

Experts say people “will have to be very careful” assuming weather will play role in coronavirus transmission

June 23

Institutional racism contributes to Covid-19’s “double whammy” impact on the Black community, Fauci says

Texas governor to residents: “the safest place for you is at your home”

Two dozen US Public Health officials have left their roles during the Covid-19 pandemic

June 16

Self-isolation and contact tracing most effective at reducing transmission of Covid-19, research finds

More staff needed to support Us-Mexico border, officials say

June 15

Former FDA head says he would “certainly counsel against” attending political rallies

June 11

Food industry must take responsibility for obesity’s role in Covid-19 pandemic, researchers say

People are sleeping more during Covid-19 pandemic, research finds

Former CDC Director says the US is “giving too much weight to numbers that have little meaning”

June 10

Study will evaluate drugs prescribed to children with Covid-19

Nurses were not ready for the pandemic, new report concludes

June 4

CDC Director says flu vaccine will be important defense against coronavirus in upcoming months

New Federal testing protocol aims to address disparities, CDC Director says

CDC Director shakes head at image of crowds at Lake of the Ozarks

June 2

Farm workers at extra risk for Covid-19, CDC says in new guidance

May 29

Acute Kidney Injury may be higher than expected in Covid-19 patients, research finds