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July 24

Face mask safety: Two or three layers best to protect against virus, study finds

July 23

Quarantine mandates can send coronavirus patients into hiding, WHO says

WHO is always ready to provide assistance to any of it’s member states, officials say

There is still “intense transmission” of Covid-19 in a relatively small group of countries, WHO says

July 22

Pfizer and US government reach $1.95 billion deal to produce millions of Covid-19 vaccine doses

US government and Pfizer reach agreement to produce millions of Covid-19 vaccine doses

US health secretary says Pfizer vaccine investment is “historic”

Vaccines sponsored by the US government will be free or affordable, health secretary says

Commercial scale vaccines for Covid-19 are already being made, HHS Secretary says

“We are going as quickly as we possibly can” on vaccine development, Fauci says

Fauci says there is “not a chance” he would walk away from the Covid-19 challenge

Fauci says he goes to the White House almost every day to meet with the coronavirus task force

Phase 3 trials will watch for possibility of vaccine induced enhancement of infection, Fauci says

July 21

Oxford vaccine is safe and induces immune response, early research suggests, but more research is needed

More than 1 in 5 US homes don’t meet quarantine guidelines set by officials, research says

Covid-19 is “exacerbating and exploiting” pre-existing health conditions, US Surgeon General says

July 20

US Covid-19 surge being approached with “extreme seriousness,” White House task force member says

Getting retested for Covid-19 multiple times is completely unnecessary, US health official says

July 19

Masks being politicized is bizarre, NIH Director says

The average testing delay is too long, NIH Director says

US is on a good path when it comes to vaccines, NIH Director says

CDC adds cancer patients to its list of those at increased risk of severe illness from Covid-19

July 17

A combination of community measures are needed to keep Covid-19 under control, WHO official says

Fauci’s boss says idea of firing or demoting him is “unimaginable”

July 16

Quick testing is needed for coronavirus contact tracing to be most effective, research finds

July 14

CDC Director says the American public is getting closer to accepting masks

Most US counties “are in a position to reopen their schools,” CDC head says

Point of care testing could help reduce the burden on testing labs, US health official says

Science, not politics, is the only valid reason for changing school guidelines, former CDC directors say

July 13

Some states we from shutdown to “complete throwing caution to the wind,” Fauci says

Protecting yourself is the best way to reopen the country, Fauci says

“There will be no return to the old normal for the foreseeable future,” WHO director-general says

Understanding of Covid-19 transmission still limited, WHO says

1 in 3 young adults vulnerable to severe Covid-19 – and smoking plays a big part, research finds

July 10

These are the key things to consider when reopening US schools, according to professional associations

July 9

The health effects of Covid-19 go far beyond the virus, WHO says

States bordering Covid-19 hotspots states are “quite vulnerable,” Fauci says

CDC director says no revised school guidelines despite Trump’s push

July 8

Coronavirus may have arrived in the US from China, but most of the spread was domestic, model suggests

July 7

South Korean nightclubs were source of at least 246 cases of Covid-19, research finds

July 6

Medical associations urge Americans to continue Covid-19 preventive measures

Covid-19 antibody drugs moves into phase 3 trials, 2,000 US patients expected to enroll

July 2

Facebook and Instagram to send users to CDC for Coronavirus information

July 1

CDC does not recommend universal testing for K-12 staff and students

June 30

Traveler from the US infects 71 people in China with Covid-19, research finds

June 29

CDC official calls spread of Covid-19 in US “discouraging”

New Hampshire testing program aims to identify symptomless carriers

Getting the flu vaccine this year is more important than ever, CDC official says

Classroom contact could lead to transmission of Covid-19, CDC research suggests

Americans must “act responsibly” by wearing masks, Health Secretary says

Here’s how much Covid-19 drug remdesivir will cost you

June 24

Health expert says its worse to keep schools closed than to open them safely

New report details how schools can be opened safely

Covid-19 is as hard to fight as a leaky bucket is to fix, expert says

Experts say people “will have to be very careful” assuming weather will play role in coronavirus transmission

June 23

Institutional racism contributes to Covid-19’s “double whammy” impact on the Black community, Fauci says

Texas governor to residents: “the safest place for you is at your home”

Two dozen US Public Health officials have left their roles during the Covid-19 pandemic

Some public health officials are resigning amid threats during the Covid-19 pandemic

June 16

Self-isolation and contact tracing most effective at reducing transmission of Covid-19, research finds

People under the age of 20 are half as likely to contract Covid-19, researchers estimate

More staff needed to support Us-Mexico border, officials say

June 15

Former FDA head says he would “certainly counsel against” attending political rallies

Red Cross now testing all blood donations for Covid-19 antibodies

June 11

Food industry must take responsibility for obesity’s role in Covid-19 pandemic, researchers say

People are sleeping more during Covid-19 pandemic, research finds

Former CDC Director says the US is “giving too much weight to numbers that have little meaning”

June 10

Study will evaluate drugs prescribed to children with Covid-19

Nurses were not ready for the pandemic, new report concludes

June 4

CDC Director says flu vaccine will be important defense against coronavirus in upcoming months

New Federal testing protocol aims to address disparities, CDC Director says

CDC Director shakes head at image of crowds at Lake of the Ozarks

June 2

Farm workers at extra risk for Covid-19, CDC says in new guidance

May 29

Acute Kidney Injury may be higher than expected in Covid-19 patients, research finds